Ibtikar Technology Ltd

    Ibtikar Technology Ltd. is currently one of the only companies in Afghanistan which provides our clients with the latest, most innovative products and solutions which are technologically-advanced and of high-quality. We are a systems integrator based out of Kabul, Afghanistan, who offers Financial Institution Solutions, IT Solutions & Physical Security Solutions to the private and public sectors, respectively.

Partners in Afghanistan

  • Adler from Germany (CCTV Solutions/Long-Range Laser Cameras / Long-Range Thermal & Night-vision Cameras)
  • Braun International from UK (Medical Equipment & Security Equipment such as Baggage, Personnel & Vehicle X-Ray Scanners / Jammers / Bomb-disposal Robots & Suits / etc.)
  • Chubb from UK (Safes / Vault doors / Fire-proof file cabinets / Safety-Deposit Lockers, etc.)
  • Entrust Datacard from USA (Secure ID solutions / E-Government Solutions / Financial Printers)
  • Gunnebo from Germany (Perimeter Protection Gates, Wedge Barriers, Spikes, High-Security Bollards / Fire-Resistant Doors / Bullet-Resistant Doors / Blast-Resistant Doors /etc.)
  • Hitachi Terminal Solutions (Banknote Sorters & Discriminators / Banknote Deposit Machines / Cash-recycling ATMs)
  • Invicta Films from UK (Blast-protection Films / Signal-Defense Film)
  • NComputing from USA (Thin-Client Solutions / Virtual Desktop Solutions)
  • Oracle from USA (Gold Partner)
  • Rototype from Italy (Check Printing Solutions)
  • Sicurit from Italy (Perimeter Protection Systems)
  • TeleRadio from Singapore (Under Vehicle Surveillance System / Anti-Drone Systems)
  • Troy from USA (Secure Document Printing Solutions for Banks & Government)
  • Viewsonic from USA (Professional Visual Display Solutions for example: Projectors, Videowalls, Screens, Kiosks, etc.)
  • Virdi from South Korea (FBI-certified Biometric Solutions)

Our Features

    We provide complete after-sales support for all our products including Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) using our local workforce who have been professionally trained by the above mentioned brands.

    Our technical personnel are all highly-skilled and continue to have regular training in the U.A.E, to keep them up-to-date with the latest industry technologies/standards.

    We also have a wide range of other products and services which we provide on a project-to-project basis based on our clients' requirements.

Completed Projects

  • Advisory & Consultancy services for private & government entities for the procurement of security products
  • Cash sorting centers at multiple banks in Kabul, including The Central Bank of Afghanistan.
  • Centralized CCTV solution for banks, universities & government entities
  • Centralized Wi-Fi system for the government
  • Certified explosion-proof doors for banks
  • Certified fire-rated file cabinets for banks
  • Certified vault doors & safes for banks
  • FBI-certified biometric solutions for multiple banks & government entities
  • One-of-a-kind graphic design studio in Kabul for a media company
  • Secure Document Printing solutions for multiple banks & government entities
  • Secure ID-Card printing solutions for banks, private companies & government entities
  • Secure Financial Printers for banks
  • Secure Video Conferencing Solution for the private companies & government entities
  • Supply of original IT equipment such as heavy-duty desktops, laptops, printers, servers, etc. directly from the manufacturer/distributor to multiple banks & government entities
  • Video Wall solutions for banks & government entities

Our Clients

  • 365 Media
  • Administrative Office of The President
  • Afghanistan International Bank
  • Afghanistan Commercial Bank
  • Afghan United Bank
  • Bakhtar Bank
  • Diamond RMC
  • First Micro Finance Bank
  • Focus Humanitarian Group
  • Maiwand Bank
  • Ministry of Communication & IT
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Defense
  • NATO – Resolute Support
  • Roshan Telecom